Sheep and Goats
Range Ward Power Shepherd Razer Grazer allows farmers and ranchers to save time and money by managing the movement of their sheep and goat herds. The Power Shepherd Razer Grazer portable electric fence gives flexibility and limitless options in designing rotational grazing systems, designating the animals to different areas of the pasture to maximize forage utilization, and improve the soil health and resiliency of the grazing land.

The eco-friendly approach of rotationally grazing small ruminants can increase the pasture productivity and provide a diverse diet for the sheep and goats. Using a Power Shepherd all-in-one trailer helps the manager save time and money by its ease of use and built in portability.
The Power Shepherd includes:
4 rolls of poly wire
80 pigtail posts with adjustable clips for each strand of wire
Dual Power Arm
All this in addition to the same great features of the Razer Grazer!