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Power Grazer

The Power Grazer™ is our largest, all-in-one portable fencing solution. Each Power Grazer is equipped with independent heavy duty torsion axles ready to handle rough terrain and long distance fencing.

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Each Power Grazer Features:

  • 2-mile mounted reel of our unrivaled Power Braid™, 1/4” reflective rope,with the industries best conductivity and 1200+ lbs of break strength
  • Powered Quik-wind™ 12-volt electric reel system
  • 140-watt, easy lift on board solar panel
  • Sunsavor solar regulator
  • Speedrite 6000i 6 joule energizer (suitable for up to 30 miles of fence)
  • 12-volt 100 amp/hour deep cycle battery
  • Speedrite Remote Fault Finder
  • 200 Gallagher pigtail, step-in posts
  • Live Fence Indicator
  • High Strain insulator kit
  • Innovative Power Hammer™ Ground Rod
  • Integrated 3-point removable hitch
  • Heavy duty torsion axles
  • Works seamlessly with our Power Arm™. Simply set up the perimeter fence with the Power Grazer and run cross fences with the Power Arm.
  • High-strength, powder-coated steel construction