About Us


Range Ward and its Power Grazer fencing products center around the use and management of grazing animals in regenerative agriculture. Our approach and tools help to regenerate above and below ground biodiversity, improve water cycles, improve carbon cycles, and help improve the vitality and resilience of the ecosystem and the people on the land.
The Range Ward business grew out of a rancher’s need for better managed grazing and fencing tools. Over 15 years ago in the foothills of Alberta, Canada, Norm Ward combined his vast experience of land management, land sciences, and environmental and industrial concerns to develop the Power Grazer as the first all-in-one portable electric fencing tool. Friends and neighbors asked Norm to build more machines for their ranches and word about these helpful machines continued to spread.

Early in 2017, Norm dreamed up the Razer Grazer. This compact unit had all of the innovation and key components of the Power Grazer, simply at a smaller scale to better fit the wide range of producer's needs. 

In addition to the development of the key products, Norm’s Range Ward company has developed specialized Power Braid reflective rope as well as fencing implements for bison and sheep producers. 

In spring of 2022, Soilworks acquired Range Ward from Norm. Soilworks represents a mission driven family of companies devoted to expanding the regenerative agriculture economy in improving soil health and supporting ranchers and farmers. 

Today, Range Ward not only manufactures portable electric fencing implements in Alberta, Canada but has begun producing units in Texas, USA to now include the US market. Each machine produced is carefully handled by expert craftsmen for the highest possible quality and standards. 

Contact us to learn more about how Range Ward products can help with managed grazing.