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Bison Razer Grazer

The Razer Grazer™ is our most popular, all-in-one portable fencing solution. The Bison Razer Grazer Edition offers all of the same great features of the Razer Grazer along with 2 reels and an extended frame to carry longer fence posts and create fencing for bison.

For Pricing Details
  • 50-Watt Foldable Solar Panel
  • Patriot P30, 3 Joule Energizer.
  • 12-volt 100 Amp/Hour Deep Cycle Battery
  • Post Storage Rack c/w 80 50" Tall Hi-Top Step-In Posts
  • 12 Volt Electric Reel w/ Manual Handle Override
  • 3x ½ mile Reel Of Power Braid Reflective Rope
  • Integrated Power Arm with every Razer Grazer