The Range Ward Bison Edition Razer Grazer allows farmers and ranchers to save time and money by managing the movement of their bison herds. The Bison Razer Grazer portable electric fence gives flexibility and limitless options in designing rotational grazing systems, designating the bison to different areas of the pasture, mimicking their natural migration patterns, improving the soil health and resiliency of the rangelands.

Simplifying grazing management with the Bison Razer Grazer portable electric fencing trailer allows for more efficient use of grazing land and promotes the health and well-being of both bison and the ecosystem as a whole.
The Bison Razer Grazer includes:
An extended frame
6 foot long pigtail posts
2 rolls of Power Braid Electric Rope
All of this in addition to the same great features of the Razer Grazer!