I have 2 of the Power Grazers and 1 of the Power Arms for the Quad. We’re using them for temporary fence lines to force the cattle to graze areas of the prairie that they don’t normally spend much time on. They’ve been extremely handy, easy to use and reliable. I’ll keep you (Range Ward) in mind if I need anything else as the spring progresses.

– John

Grass management is very important on the National Historic Site. Within the historic headquarters of the Bar U Ranch we want to protect our buildings from the threat of fire by keeping the grass low and what better way to do that than letting our percheron horses graze. In the past setting up temporary pastures was a chore due the odd configurations of including grass and not buildings. Our Power Grazer units from Range Ward make the job easy. Our percherons thank you!

– Bar U Ranch

The Power Grazer electric fence is both an economic and stewardship option for range users in B.C. The stewardship is allowing range managers a low-cost option to protect vulnerable rangelands and important habitat. Okanagan Shuswap district is currently using the Power Grazer to replace wildfire impacted fences as an intern manner where targeted grazing is occurring. When fencing can cost in excess of $20,000 per km, Power Grazers can achieve the same results at a fraction of the cost!

– Rob

I am using it (Razer Grazer) now, and it’s working very good.

– Bruce

We bought a Razer Grazer and used it this winter.  Love it!

– Holly

It's easy to support local business when they offer such great products.Thanks to Norm and the crew at Range Ward based in the Claresholm area for setting us up with a couple of Power Grazer units which makes electric fencing a breeze!

– Friends of Bar U

The Razer Grazer by Range Ward is proving to be a handy little unit for getting back in the cropping system

– Ryan

The Razor Grazer is extremely well built and very well designed, coming from a company that stands behind what they sell & say. Great products & people!! It's easy to see that these products are designed by people who work in the field!

– Rob

The Razer Grazer is the fastest and most efficient tool we've ever used in our grazing system.

– Matt

We have been using Range Ward Power Grazers for over ten years now. The Power Grazer is the most used piece of equipment on our ranch. It has allowed us the ability to easily adapt our grazing program to the ever-changing variables of the weather, the land and the livestock.  I would give up my tractor before I would give up my Power Grazers!! Thank you for providing such a high quality, easy to use, and dependable product!

– Dustin & Nicki